• Cast

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    LeVan D. Hawkins

    Rev. Zachariah Tyler

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    Jacque Tara Washington

    Sydney Sorrell

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    Patrick Rameau

    Edward Sorrell

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    Gabriel Peoples

    John Sorrell

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    Ian Ward

    John Tyler

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    Jonathan Flanigan

    Col. Silliman

  • Production

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    Ben Porter Lewis


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    David Huntley


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    Kent Goetz

    Set Designer

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    Sean Eversley Bradwell

    Narrator, Consultant, Writer

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    Bronwen Exter

    Curriculum Author

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    Norm Scott

    Sound Design

  • Direction

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    Deborah C. Hoard

    Producer, Director

    Deborah C. Hoard has been a producer, director and writer at PhotoSynthesis Productions in Ithaca, NY for 30 years, and president since 2003. Her work is focused on education and social justice and has won more than 200 national and international media awards. Her documentary They Call It Myanmar screened in festivals worldwide, and was named “one of the top 12 docs of the year 2012” by Roger Ebert, and she is about to release RE:Thinking, a new film about education in America and the need to teach students HOW to think instead of WHAT to think. (imdb)

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    Che Broadnax

    Producer, Director, Editor

    Che Broadnax is a Brooklyn-based filmmaking multi-tool with deep ties to PhotoSynthesis Productions. He has been found behind the lens of indie features and shorts, in the edit suite for major networks, and hunched over the drafting table illustrating and writing independent sequential art. His passion for storytelling, social justice, and music fueled two hip hop albums and runs through the heart of CIVIL WARRIORS. (imdb) (portfolio)