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Milestone for new Smithsonian African American History & Culture Museum

Deborah actually had a chance to go visit the museum back in November, as part of a Cornell-affiliated trip to D.C., and took some lovely shots of exhibits on view. This one in particular stood out:

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In case you didn't know, this is a representation of the famous image from the 1968 Olympics, in which athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos silently raised black-gloved fists in the "Black Power" salute while the American National Anthem played during their medal ceremony for the 200-meter running event.

The power of this gesture and its effect in the public eye at the time cannot be overstated, laden as it was with potent symbolism and acknowledgements of some of the many marginalized communities in the United States. Naturally, the reactions were vociferous and widespread, and the effects on their lives both personal and professional were of real consequence.

Thank you, Tommie and John, for taking your stand.

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